Brevetti Lorenzi

The founding of AEI Perego ideally dates from 1929 when Renzo Lorenzi, an engineer originally from Trento, founded Brevetti Lorenzi in Milan, the first Italian company to manufacture systems for automating bells. The systems produced by Brevetti Lorenzi, patented with respect to the needs and traditions of national and regional chimes, were personalized by Engineer Lorenzi and then constructed and installed by the company's technicians. The company made use of its collaboration with the Fonderia Barigozzi for supplying the bells. In a short time, Brevetti Lorenzi won widespread acceptance, while its products went on to handle the concerts of many of the most important bell towers in Italy and throughout the world.

IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF A GREAT REVOLUTION in the field of handling and ringing bells. Electro-mechanical technology for automating bell systems is a successful alternative to traditional ringing through the use of bars or wheels manually activated using ropes. This technology initiated by BREVETTI LORENZI was quickly established and began the rapid diffusion of new systems THROUGHOUT ITALY.

Nevertheless, such systems were based on the logic of applying the necessary equipment (motors, and systems for control and braking, etc.) to the systems in use. So, the manual systems were "adapted" to electrification and automation, remaining substantially unchanged in their general mechanics and movement. It was the logic of using the minimum means to achieve the maximum benefit that allowed making the transformation at an acceptable cost. Then came the MOTORIZED BELL YOKE, the first and only substantial innovation.

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