Clearance of birds systems

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Bell towers and churches' roofs are among the preferred places to nest and live by pigeons and others birds. The presence of birds inevitably determines the accumulation of guano produced by them, with serious consequences such as lack of hygiene and bad effects on human health.

The environment infested by pigeons offers the best conditions for the proliferation of parasitics like fleas, ticks, rodents. Especially the mite, denominated acarus Argas Reflexus, better known as "Tick of the pigeon", has proved to be particularly dangerous since its bite can cause serious anaphylactic reactions.

The guano, containing acidic pH substance, attacks and corrodes materials like iron, wood and stone, accelerating the degrade; besides, the guano accumulates on roofs and in bell towers, clogging gutters and drainpipes, preventing drainage of waters with consequent damages to the buildings.

The inevitable presence of pigeons or other dead animals can obviously cause the diffusion of any kind of disease.

Our company is specialized in the realization and installation of birdproof plants and devices, taking also advantage from the experience acquired working at bell towers and churches.

The systems used for solving the birds problem are mainly of 3 types:

  1. Electrostatic plants, consisting in a line of inox steel conductors placed in the points where pigeons are not allowed to stop. An electronic control unit produces voltage pulses along that line, causing the birds leaving due to the electric shock felt, not strong enough to kill them though. This system results particularly suitable for protection of attics, parapets, wide contact surfaces and roofs of any building.
  2. Laying of spike systems deterrents, constituted by groups of points of various shape and quantity, subtructing typical contact space such as capitals, beams, mouldings etc. or, in the bell cells, moving parts like headstocks and bells' wheels.
  3. Nylon bird netting, available in various colours, useful to shut windows or trapdoors and to protect recesses and garrets.


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