Electronic bells

More than 20 years ago A.E.I. DI PEREGO, Perego started its own business producing and selling, besides traditional bronze bells, also electronic bells, bells' sound reproducers, electronic bell towers and church bell sound simulators. The electronic bells are digital reproducers of the traditional bell sound, which is spread through an omni directional loudspeaker, transmitting sound waves at 360° and placed in a belfry or anyway at high level from ground to allow a wide diffusion of the sound. The electronic bells or bell towers repeat exactly melodies and bells' concerts, with different sound systems, for example the "ambrosiano" or the "slancio", or other typical sounds of local traditions. The sound diffusion is electronically automatated to allow easy and safe sound operations.

The electronic bells A.E.I. Have different melodies and concerts already loaded in their memory, but it is also possible to record real-time melodies and sounds, thanks to display, internal keyboard or external keyboard such as a piano (optional). Every sound can be repeated, copied, modified, transferred in velocity and executed in sequence for an undetermined number of minutes or times. Not expert people can use an auto-guided programming. It is possible to reproduce Midi o MP3 max 128 kbit/s cbr music piece from external SD – CARD.

As it concerns the temporal programming of the sounds, there is the chance to define standard functions, regualr day, regular week to be inserted in the programming; moreover, the cancellation of not-repeated sounds (volatile programming) is considered . Our electronic bells have the perpetual liturgical calendar with automatic calculation of the fixed and variable festivities. Summer / winter time updating is automatic. In addition, there is the possibility of exclusion of nighttime and diurnal events preset by the user. The possibility to set up keys, matching to the more commonly used sounds, for immediate performances, is very important and convenient. Our devices allow to manage the clock tower too, with automatic recovery after power black – out.

A.E.I. di Perego electronic bells can have a remote programming and managing, either by internet or by smart phone through Apple or Android operating system. Obviously, they can also be controlled by the panel placed in the Sacristy. Some models offer also the choice of tone of the reproduced bells concert (multi-timbers).

Our electronic tower bells are available with displays from 7" to 9". There are also a pre-amplified table version requiring the use of a separated power amplifier (rack format) and an pre-amplified rack format version; both available either for 7" or 9" model.

Electronic bells presentation pdf  can be downloaded.

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