• The "third generation" and the new digital age

The "third generation" and the new digital age

In 2005 the direction of the firm is left to three new partners among which Luigi Perego' son, Claudio.

The new generation of entrepreneurs sets as primary goal the client satisfaction, which means the reasearch of a business culture based on the "total quality". A quality that, obviously, doesn't exclude the continuous search of great levels of efficiency, to the purpose to minimize the productions costs and therefore the price for the client.

The continuous search of new technological solutions, other main point which the firm is based on, hands to the application of new digital technologies and nets to the sector of the bell plants. The use of nets, in this sector, represents an answer to the creation, by the Catholic church, of a new "organisational unity the so-called Pastoral Community". Few priests must supervise different parishes of the "Community", often situated in quite wide areas and have to be able to manage, as it concerns our sector, the schedule of the bells and the clocks of different churches. For this reason the most recent models of bells timers can be connected online and controlled in remote thanks to the use of suitable electronic cards. The net, so created, allows the priest to manage the different churches' bells plants, using his own computer or his own mobile phone, easily from his office. In particularl, the remote control can be carried out using Internet or GSM technology.


The client's central position in A.E.I. di Perego business culture and the constant commitment in the activity of research and development, allow the firm a further expansion in Italy and abroad; in 2008 A.E.I. di Perego was awarded the title of "Official Supplier of the Custody of The Holy Land" and all the bells plants of the Churches of Palestine and Israel, reporting to the “Custody of The Holy Land” have been committed to it.

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